Aravind Kodipaka

Self-professed financial economics nerd. Dedicated, lively core team member of the FLAME Economics Club. Passionate photographer. Works outside the production possibility frontier because he knows how to make the impossible possible.

Navneeth JK

Future economist, currently studying mathematics and economics. Has a special interest in development economics. Will swim across the Atlantic if there is a plate of biryani waiting at the end. So dedicated that his marginal utility never diminishes.


Datta Venkata

Everybody’s go-to person for all things financial and logistical. Maximises utility when working last minute under pressure, aims to be CEO of a Forbes Top 50 company someday, and likes to believe that he is the coolest guy on campus.

Neha Mubeen

Prolific writer, aspiring marketing guru, and fierce promoter of egalitarianism. Has a charming personality and a smile that makes everybody feel at home. Spends her free time confused about Ayn Rand and capitalism.


Ashna Shah

There’s only one thing she loves more than economics- chai. Her supply of jokes is inelastic. Narrowly escaped from the clutches of Chartered Accountancy and now aims to use her Economics major and Psychology minor to exploit the theories of consumer behaviour in her favour to get rich (yes, she’s Gujju).


Tanay Gokhale

Environment and economics enthusiast and active sportsperson, with a sense of humour that ranges from rib-tickling funny to downright lame. Aims to find a solution to overpopulation someday.

Sanaaya Kurup

Challenge her to any sport and she will probably annihilate you. Guitar lover, animal welfare advocate, and has a knack for Mathematics. The marginal returns of spending time with her will never diminish.