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The Economics Club and the Department of Economics

FLAME University Econvention 2017: the university’s first ever economics festival. It had its beginnings in a small room with an even smaller group of people, people who wanted to explore the economic realm outside of textbooks and supply-demand graphs. And now, they invite you to join them on this exploration, to experience the exhilaration of having the world’s welfare riding on your shoulders, the rush of being in the centre of the rise and fall of money. The Econvention has now moved out of that small room, and has become a collaborated effort of the FLAME Economics Club and the Department of Economics.

The two-day fest on 16th and 17th of December 2017 will see students participating in events The events will require the participants to have a rudimentary theoretical base in economics, which they will draw upon to provide models to apply in real world situations. Of course, the nature of this fest is such that it will allow participants to use their academic knowledge to experience the economics of everyday life and even world events in real, practicable ways. Events will necessitate the quick thinking and expertise needed to solve both kinds of dilemmas, therefore posing a unique challenge to participants: staying grounded in logic while letting the imagination soar.

FLAME University is also hosting the International Accounting, Finance Economics and Banking Conference on the 17th and 18th December. Econvention participants are free to attend the conference and have an opportunity at interacting with academicians the likes of Dr. Vijay Joshi. To find out more about the conference, visit www.flame.edu.in.

The FLAME University Econvention, by the time it’s done, will go down as one of the university’s most memorable events- we’re willing to put our money on it.

About FLAME University

FLAME University exists to build an aspirational destination for students and faculty, to push the design and nature of studies and to create a societal upgradation phenomenon particularly in the fields of liberal education and leadership.

FLAME University aspires to be amongst India’s most reputed and respected universities. We will be the University of Choice for higher education in India. We will be recognized for the impact our teaching has on our students and the community at large. Further, we will be the leader in creating and disseminating knowledge in the disciplines we offer.

FLAME University provides an environment that is conducive to evolving new knowledge and encourages the assimilation, dissemination, and generation of new ideas. It stimulates the latent curiosity in every individual, encourages students to challenge the status quo and to create the spirit of inquiry. It creates awareness about the responsibility and accountability that go hand in hand with freedom.

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